Perła Wellness

Perła Wellness
Perła Wellness
Perła Wellness

About the Project

The Perła Wellness Club is a unique place for anyone who appreciates timeless values, lasting effects, and natural solutions for their health and quality of life. It is a pilot programme club of Medical Fitness in Poland, a place where fitness meets medicine.

Its elegant interiors and pleasant colours encourage everyone to start exercising and improve their quality of life. The club’s sporting traditions are handed down from generation to generation, in a unique atmosphere, with a variety of fitness classes, an individual approach to customers and the excellent instructors and coaches who train athletes participating in the World Championships and Olympic Games.

Eleven Zett is responsible for creating the image of the Club and the key people and experts, as well as for developing the concepts of special events, PR, media relations, and social media. Eleven Zett is also an advisory agency in building sales strategies and business development.


The concept of promotion

The concept of events

Sales and image strategies

Visual identification

Press releases

Promotion in the media

Acquiring patrons and partners

Public Relations

Media relations

Personal branding

Social media

Media monitoring

Photo and video coverage