11th Investment Forum in Tarnow

11th Investment Forum in Tarnow
11th Investment Forum in Tarnow
11th Investment Forum in Tarnow

About the Project

On 16 and 17 April 2018, Eleven Zett Productions team participated in the 11th Investment Forum in Tarnów - an annual event that gathers the largest representatives of Polish business, decision makers, economists and promising entrepreneurs who are just starting an adventure with their own business. For years, the Forum hasn’t been only an excellent opportunity to summarize the current economic situation in Poland and Europe, but also the greatest chance for start-ups to develop the business by presenting it to a wide group of investors.

Eleven Zett Productions was a partner of the forum and co-organizer of four discussion panels: "Medical protection - a perfect place for start-ups", "Biotechnology, telemedicine, computerization - what will happen next?", "Mobile solutions - where we are?" and "Science and innovation - fashion, necessity or business?".

This year, Ewelina Myłek, CEO Eleven Zett Productions, also led a discussion panel entitled "Mobile solutions - where are we?", whose task was to systematize knowledge about current innovations in medtech sector based on portable digital software dedicated to health. The debate was attended by: Mateusz Kierepka (Chairman of the Board, MedApp), Wojciech Wiśniewski (Director of External Relations, Alivia Oncology Foundation), Anna Latos-Bieleńska (Chairperson of the Department of Medical Genetics, Karol Marcinkowski Medical University), Andrzej Osuch (Director of Business Transformation, LUX MED Group) and Andrzej Witek (Chairman of the Board CenterMed). During the discussion, the experts summarized the current achievements of the field, paid attention to the potential of mobile solutions but also the threats that followed them, and presented the challenges that developers and the society have to face.

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