Women in Cardiology

Women in Cardiology
Women in Cardiology
Women in Cardiology

About the Project

On November 23rd, during the XI edition of the Preventive Cardiology conference, and for the first time in history awards were given to the most outstanding women representatives of this field of medicine. "Women in Cardiology" is an initiative meant to honor not only the anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, but also the centenary of the granting of voting rights to Polish women. Organiziational Committee of the conference and its chairman, prof. Piotr Jankowski MD PhD FESC, secretary of the Polish Cardiac Society, honored specialists in five categories: outstanding clinician cardiologist - for understanding the role of prophylaxis in the modern world, outstanding scientist cardiologist - for scientific achievements in the field of cardiovascular disease prevention, outstanding cardiologist in Europe, outstanding activity in public health and talent in preventive cardiology. In addition to flowers and commemorative diplomas, the winners received gold bracelets with the symbol of Venus, culturally associated with femininity - everything to draw attention to women's contribution to this discipline and to encourage young female medicine students and younger girls to choose this career path.

November 2018


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